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Student Spotlight

We R Arts and Sciences: Asiha Grigsby

Asiha Grigsby"I was initially drawn to the prestigious name of Rutgers, and ended up falling in love with the small, intimate Camden campus and the collaborative style of the international public service and development program," Says Asiha Grigsby, a recent graduate of the MPA program. Read more ...


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Graduate School Administration

Amy Liberi, Dr. Howard Marchitello, and Bethany Chroniger

Graduate School Administration

Dr. Howard Marchitello, Associate Dean of the Graduate School | 856-225-6149

Ms. Amy Liberi, Assistant Dean | 856-225-2765

Ms. Bethany Chroniger, Administrative Assistant | 856-225-6971


Faculty of Arts and Sciences Administration

Dr. Kriste Lindenmeyer, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School | 856-225-6097

Ms. Iris Rodriguez, Senior Executive Administrative Assistant to Dean Lindenmeyer | 856-225-6097

Graduate Program Directors

Graduate Program Directors List and Contact Information

Who’s Who in the Graduate School

Howard Marchitello

Associate Dean for FASC Graduate School and Research
Phone: (856) 225-6149

  • Manages all matters pertaining to the Graduate School
  • Processes promotion/tenure packets
  • Arranges matters pertaining to external review and reaccreditation of all FASC departments and programs
  • Develops special programs connected to The Graduate School
  • Oversees relevant aspects of research centers and institutes  

Amy Liberi

Assistant Dean

Phone: (856) 225-6149 or (856) 225-2765

  • Oversees recruitment and retention efforts within the Graduate School
  • Attends recruitment fairs at colleges and conferences
  • Organizes orientation and admitted students’ day
  • Analyzes recruitment data and creates graduate school marketing plan
  • Plans workshops and social events for graduate students
  • Coordinates the Graduate Student Advisory Council and Ambassador programs
  • Analyzes enrollment data and student services to improve student success
  • Verifies graduation eligibility including thesis and dissertation style review
  • Coordinates Honors Convocation Awards and Commencement
  • Creates Graduate School monthly newsletter

Bethany Chroniger

Graduate School Administrative Assistant
Phone: (856) 225-6149 or (856) 225-6971

  • Provides administrative support for the Graduate School
  • Processes graduate academic approvals/ forms, including Transient Credit Approval, Transfer Credit Approval, G Prefix Approval, Incomplete Grade Extension Forms, Re-enrollment Forms, PhD Full Time Certifications, Change of Status Forms, Program Transfer, Withdrawal Forms, and Graduation Forms
  • Administers student conference travel and research grants
  • Assists the associate dean for the Graduate School with distribution of scholarship funding and TA/GA contracts
  • Assists with graduation eligibility verifications
  • Manages Graduate Catalog and website content updates