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Rutgers-Camden Graduate School

Graduate School Academic Forms

Re-enrollment Form

Students are expected to be registered continuously in the Graduate School (through coursework or matriculation-continued).  If you have taken any semesters off (not including the summer semester), you must apply for re-enrollment.  This form requires approval of your graduate director and the Associate Dean of the Graduate School.

G-Prefix Approval

Graduate students may enroll in up to two upper level (300 or 400 level) undergraduate courses for graduate program with approval of the graduate program director and Associate Dean of the Graduate School.  Approval must be gained prior to the semester in which the student enrolls in the course.  Undergraduate students enrolled in a dual-degree program must also fill out and submit this form for approval in order to ensure that they receive credit for their courses. 

Transfer Credit

Graduate courses completed at other institutions may be accepted for credit at the university. Transfer credits refer to credits earned at another institution (including another graduate school within the Rutgers system) before the student enrolls at Rutgers-Camden.  Please note that transfer and transient credits combined may not exceed one-third of the degree credits in the Graduate School-Camden.  Transfer credit applications will not be considered until a student has completed at least 12 credits in their program.

Transient Credit

Graduate students at Rutgers University-Camden are expected to take all their coursework at the Graduate School at Rutgers-Camden, unless they receive special permission in advance.  Graduate courses completed at other institutions (including another graduate school within the Rutgers system) while enrolled as a graduate student at Rutgers-Camden may be accepted for credit.  Transient credit has to be approved prior to the student enrolling in a course at another institution/school and should be granted only in exceptional circumstances. Transient credit will not be granted retroactively. Please note that the number of transient credits and transfer credits combined cannot exceed one-third of the total credits for graduation.

PhD Student (ABD) Full-Time Certification

PhD (ABD) students who are fully engaged in graduate study beyond required course work, registered for fewer than 9 credits of required research (dissertation) hours, and need full time status, may apply for Full-Time Certification. Students must have passed their qualifying/preliminary examination before applying for the full-time certification. 

Change of Status

Non-matriculated students may take up to 12 credits before applying for matriculation.  Students currently registered in the Graduate School at Rutgers-Camden as non-matriculated students who wish to change their status to matriculated must complete this form.

Program Transfer

Registered students wishing to transfer from one program to another within the Graduate School (School 56) must fill out a Program Transfer Form.

Degree Time Limit Extension Application

Students are expected to complete their degree within the time frame listed in the Graduate Catalog.   Students wishing to apply for an extension must fill out the Degree Time Limit Extension Application.

Incomplete Grade Extension Form

Incomplete courses must be completed within one year.  An extension will only be granted in extenuating circumstances and students must apply for an extension by completing this form.

Withdrawal Form

Students wishing to withdraw from the semester must fill out and obtain approvals from their Graduate Director, Financial Aid Officer, International Student Services Representative (if applicable) and Associate Dean for the Graduate School. 


All graduation information including policies, required forms, and deadlines are listed on the Graduation page.