The Graduate School Building has many spaces available for student use. The building is open to all graduate students from 7 AM to 6 PM and students must swipe their ID card at the door for access to the building. 

The following areas are available for student use:

Student Lounge – This casual space is open to all students and is located in the front room once you enter the building.   
Study Space 1 – This space is located to the right of the front door and is open to all students.  
Study Space 2 (Red Room) – This space is behind the Study Space 1 and can be reserved for use. This room features a TV and speaker system that allows students to hook-up their computer to the TV. Students can email administrative assistance, Kayla Allende, to reserve this space at: Photo
Reading Room – This space is attached to the hallway in the back of the building (when you walk in) and is open to all students. This room acts as a library, with many books that students are welcome to use.