Graduate Student Advisory Council

Graduate Student Advisory Council

The Graduate School Advisory Council at Rutgers-Camden plays a pivotal role in advancing student engagement, fostering cooperation, and enhancing the overall quality of the graduate student experience.


Empowering Students to Share their Voices

In 2012, the Graduate School Advisory Council was formed, inspired by the vision of former Associate Dean Marchitello and Assistant Dean Amy Liberi. The purpose of the council is to listen to student ideas and concerns and to strive to continuously improve the graduate student experience at Rutgers-Camden.

Areas of Focus

The group serves as an advisor to the Graduate School team, contributing valuable input on policies and decisions. Over the years, the council has focused its efforts on three key areas:

Every facet of the graduate student journey, from academic support to campus life, is a priority for us. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your experience as a graduate student is enriching, supportive, and vibrant.

We believe that a strong sense of community is essential for graduate students. Our goal is to foster collaboration, networking, and a robust support network, creating a sense of belonging.

We’re forward-looking and striving to be better. Through strategic planning and a commitment to action, we’re working to pave a path for current and future graduate students at Rutgers-Camden.

Join the Council

We invite you to be part of our ongoing efforts to improve Rutgers-Camden. Together, we can make a positive impact on our community. To get involved, please send a letter of interest to To qualify, you should currently be enrolled in a graduate degree program at Rutgers-Camden, with at least half-time enrollment, and be willing to attend monthly meetings. Your input is important.