All matriculated students must maintain status in the Graduate School – Camden by registering each fall and spring semester in coursework, research, dissertation study, or matriculation continued. 

Students who are obliged to interrupt their studies may, with the approval of their graduate director, register for matriculation continued. There is no tuition fee for this registration although a small fee is charged. The rate for spring 2021 is $108.50. This category of registration is available only to students not present on campus and not using faculty time or university research facilities. Students are permitted to register for matriculation continued their last semester as they finish their research and/or complete their final requirements for graduation in lieu of course work. 

Spring 2021 Matriculation Continued Courses

Department Course Notes
Biology 56:120:800:01 (index: 20546)  
Chemistry 56:160:800:01 (index: 06558) Special Permission Required – Contact Peter Fazzino
Childhood Studies 56:163:800:01 (index: 20425)  
Computational & Integrative Biology 56:121:800:01 (index: 19866) Special Permission Required – Contact Dr. Grace Brannigan
Computer Science 56:198:800:01 (index: 06578) Special Permission Required – Contact Dr. Sunil Shende
Creative Writing 56:200:800:01 (index: 20944) Special Permission Required – Contact Dee Jonczak
Criminal Justice 56:202:800:01 (index: 06593)  
English 56:350:800:01 (index: 20945) Special Permission Required – Contact Dee Jonczak
History 56:512:800:01 (index: TBD) Special Permission Required – Contact Dr. Andrew Shankman
Liberal Studies

56:606:800:01 (index: 06653)

Mathematical Sciences 56:645:800:01 (index: TBD)  
Psychology 56:830:800:01 (index: 06699) Special Permission Required – Contact Jacqueline Dunn
Public Administration (MPA/EMPA)

56:834:800:01 (index: 06727)
56:831:800:01 (index: 06704)

Public Affairs 56:824:800:01 (index: 06693)  
Teacher Education 56:300:800:01 (index: 06612)  
Teaching Spanish 56:940:800:01 (index: 06730) Special Permission Required – Contact Dr. Prospero Garcia