Program Description

Rutgers University is pleased to announce the launch of a doctoral student academic advancement fund, endorsed by departments/graduate programs, administered by the campus chancellors/provosts and overseen and centrally disbursed by the offices of the EVPAA/CFO. Fund awards will be designed to directly support doctoral students. The primary goal is to ameliorate the disruptive effect of COVID-19 on graduate students’ doctoral degree completion. 

When appropriate, awards may be applied toward TA / GA commitments with supplementation from the college to support any applicable tuition remission and health insurance coverage for such appointments.


All currently enrolled (Spring 2021) doctoral students at Rutgers University, whether Ph.D. or professional doctoral degree, who are eligible for enrollment for Summer 2021 (or summer dissertation research or DNP project) or Fall 2021 (not graduating in May 2021), and who:

  • Have advanced to candidacy, as determined by the program guidelines and
  • Are currently (as of Spring 2021) in the research, dissertation, or DNP Project Implementation phase of their program
  • Experienced COVID-19 related disruptions to their program progression
  • Special consideration will be given to students who are in their last year of completion.
Potential Semesters of Support and Award Amounts

Students may request of their graduate deans/graduate school, and Provost may award, support for up to three terms (Spring 2021, Summer 2021, and / or Fall 2021). Single semester awards (Spring or Fall) range from $10k-15k; two-semester awards (Spring and Fall) range from $20k-$25k; Summer awards are $5k each. Recommendations for funding must commensurate with the length of the delay.

Submission Deadlines

Students and programs are strongly encouraged to submit applications for awards for Spring 2021, Summer 2021, and/or Fall 2021 as soon as possible, but preferably by no later than March 30, 2021. Notwithstanding, applications will continue to be accepted from students and programs by no later than May 1, 2021, for Summer 2021, and June 1, 2021, for Fall 2021 or Spring 2022.


Please complete the application below by Tuesday, March 30th for spring 2021 consideration, May 1 for Summer 2021 consideration, and June 1 for Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 consideration. You will need to select your specific school and degree program. You will also need to upload a letter of support from your dissertation advisor along with any relevant materials to support your description of how your dissertation research and degree progress have been disrupted due to the COVID-19 crisis.