April 29, 2021    
12:45 pm-1:45 pm

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Join Michelle Meloy, associate dean of the Graduate School–Camden and assistant deans Amy Liberi and Bethany Lawton, for a special virtual townhall. Offering master’s and doctoral degrees, the Graduate School has programs in everything from biology and education to creative writing and psychology, see the full list below.

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Biology (MS)
Chemistry (MS)
Childhood Studies (MA) (PhD)
Computational and Integrative Biology (MS) (PhD)
Computer Science (MS)
Creative Writing (MFA)
Criminal Justice (MA)
Education (P-3, K-6, P-12, P-12 TSD certificate)
English (MA)
Forensic Science (MS)
History (MA)
Liberal Studies (MA)
Mathematical Sciences (MS)
Psychology (MA)
Public Administration (MPA)
Public Affairs (MS) (PhD)
Teacher Preparation (P-3, K-6, P-12, P-12 TSD certificate)
Teaching (MA)
Teaching (Spanish) (MAT)

Attending this event will give you an opportunity for you to learn about the graduate student experience.