March 29, 2023    
11:20 am-12:20 pm

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How to Make a Personal Archive: Julie Still 

We all have that drawer or shoebox we keep our precious memories in. It’s filled with the tickets from our first concert, a poem written in the third grade that we’re still proud of, and a heart-felt letter written from a close friend. These memories will be cherished by you and your family, but they can be good for so much more than that. Creating your own personal archive will help you organize and keep track of all your important keepsakes. And if you’re willing to share your archive, it will also be useful for future historians who will be able to easily identify objects and better understand their meanings.

This workshop will explain the steps of creating a personal archive. From properly identifying all of the potential artifacts, creating an index for everything, and even more!

Julie Still is a reference librarian at the Paul Roberson Library at Rutgers University–Camden. She has published work as both academic articles and book chapters. She is also an active volunteer in her community through grant writing and web work. Currently, she is working on a dissertation in American Studies at Penn State–Harrisburg.

Location: 325 Cooper St. Camden, NJ