Graduate students at Rutgers University – Camden have the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Data Science along with their current degree program. The completion of the Certificate will be noted on a student’s transcript.

Students must complete four or more classes (12 or more credits) in statistics, data management, and research design to obtain the Data Science Certificate.

Complete three courses (9 credits)

56:163:661 Quantitative Methods
56:202:600 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
56:202:601 Data Analysis in Criminal Justice
56:830:580 Research Methods
56:830:650 Statistics & Research Design
56:824:713 Research Design
56:824:708 Categorical and Limited Dependent Variables
56:824:709 Quantitative Methods II
56:830:620 Program Evaluation
56:830:638 Survey Research Methods
56:824:718 Data Management
56:163:615 Using Archival Data to Study Children
56:834:608 GIS for the Public Sector
56:645:567 Statistical Models
56:645:565 Time Series & Forecasting

Complete one course (3 credits)

The fourth class may be taken elsewhere at Rutgers or the requirements for a fourth class met through participation in a pre-approved graduate course-equivalent of workshops and classwork.

To Apply:

Follow the Master’s Certificate Candidate graduation requirements.