President Barchi communicated to the university community the heartbreaking news that Rutgers will not hold commencement ceremonies this May. It was necessitated in order to protect our students and our loved ones from COVID-19 while also providing enough time for families to cancel travel and other arrangements related to commencement. Nonetheless, this is painful for the Class of 2020 and their families, as well as for our faculty and staff who have shared this journey to graduation with our students. We are working to find alternative ways to celebrate the achievements of students, and we will solicit your ideas as we move forward. As soon as additional information is known, it will be communicated.

Regalia: The University District Bookstore is currently closed. However, graduation products may be purchased online. The expected dress is the cap, gown and hood; the BA hood is white and the BS hood is gold.  The cost for regalia for bachelor’s degree candidates is $104.00. Cords are $15.00, stoles are $25.00, extra tassels are $12.00, and an extra cap is $8.00.

For students seeking a refund for their regalia, please call Herff Jones directly at 1-800-837-4235. Questions may be directed to