Welcome! If you are here, a Rutgers–Camden STEM graduate program saw your application and thought you might be a good fit for us. 

We would like to invite you to have your application considered by two participating programs at no cost. You would not need to create a new application (although we may need some supplemental information).  Please note that this invitation does not indicate the status of your original application, and accepting it would not affect that status. 

We are enthusiastic about receiving your application! We will review it through the same process that direct applications get. You will be given the opportunity to supplement your application through the same form where you accept the invitation.  

You can choose any two participating programs, even if you received only one invitation.  If you choose two programs, both programs will receive your application and will review it independently. It is possible you could eventually be accepted by both, one, or neither, and that you would receive notice at different times. 

Please find more information on the participating programs below.  The MS programs are not fully funded, but the Rutgers-Camden graduate school offers generous merit-based partial scholarships and there are additional opportunities to earn money while enrolled. The PhD in Computational and Integrative Biology is fully funded but is also particularly competitive.  

Computational and Integrative Biology (PhD/MS)
The Center for Computational and Integrative Biology (CCIB)  is an interdisciplinary research center for bridging experimental and computational approaches in quantitative biology. We offer both an MS degree and a fully-funded PhD. A research-based thesis or dissertation is a central component of graduate study in CCIB, and the available labs include both experimental and computational research groups from Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry, and Biology.   You do not need to have any prior experience with computation (or biology) to be a strong applicant for our program! Our graduates have an excellent placement record in competitive positions in academia, industry, and government.  You can be considered for both the MS and PhD in CCIB, which still counts as only one program. Read more information for prospective students here

Biology (MS)
The Department of Biology offers a Masters degree that provides classroom and laboratory opportunities across a wide range of fields within Biology. In particular, our department has strengths in cell and molecular biology, ecology, bioinformatics, microbiology, and plant biology. Students can choose between a coursework-based non-thesis track and a research-based thesis track. The majority of our courses are offered in the evening to accommodate working students.

Chemistry (MS)
The Department of Chemistry offers students the opportunity to work on compelling research projects in multidisciplinary areas, expanding the range and breadth of their knowledge. Our students are taught a diverse set of graduate courses that cover both classic and modern chemistry. Students can choose between two M.S. Chemistry Tracks. The Experiential Track is a thesis track, which is ideal for students interested in advancing their career in the sciences. We offer opportunities in cheminformatics, polymer science, machine learning, molecular modeling of biomolecular interactions, biomaterials, synthesis and characterization of organic molecules, forensic DNA, bio-mimetic and biomolecular systems, microreactions and biomineralization. The Professional Track is a non-thesis-based degree ideal for mid-career science professionals or students seeking to enhance their academic record for application to professional graduate schools. The majority of our courses are offered in the evening to accommodate working students. One of the goals of the Chemistry graduate program at Rutgers-Camden is to train the next generation of scientist and leaders to tackle technological challenges for the well-being of the community. Graduate employment opportunities are available in our research and our teaching laboratories.
Computer Science (MS)
This graduate program, housed within the Department of Computer Science, prepares students to join a Ph.D. program or to start a career in information technology or data-intensive science, engineering or finance fields. We currently offer a concentration in Scientific Computing; concentrations in Data Science/Machine Learning and Cybersecurity are planned in the near future. The small size of the program makes it very attractive for close interaction with our faculty and students in research and applied projects.

Mathematical Sciences (MS)
The Department of Mathematics offers a master’s degree in Pure Mathematics and Applied and Computational Mathematics.  Students who complete their degree have many career options. Some go onto an academic career teaching at the college level or earning a doctoral degree. Those who pursue the Applied and Computational track are prepared for careers in research and industry.

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