The Graduate Writing Assistant is available by walk-in during office hours or by appointment for Rutgers University–Camden graduate students during the academic year. You may also download the BAND application on your mobile device to request workshops, receive notifications on relevant news and tips, upload and share your work for review, and more. To learn about how to access and utilize the Student Writing Assistance band, visit Get Connected: Student Writing Assistance on BAND.

The Graduate Writing Assistant aims to help graduate students with their theses, dissertations, and capstone projects. Assistance includes but is not limited to enhancing composition skills, brushing up on research-citation methods, developing tactics to avoid plagiarism, copyediting for grammar, spelling, and punctuation, approaching paper organization dynamically, and providing helpful writing tips and resources.

Receive feedback, conduct collaborative brainstorming, or just get an extra set of eyes on all of your writing assignments. Services are available across academic disciplines to all graduate students enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers–Camden. The Graduate Writing Assistant will also periodically hold small group workshops that address matters such as time management, quote integration, research methods, and more.

Fall Workshops

  • 9/17 Intro to Graduate Writing: This workshop discusses the expectations of graduate writing (bringing to light how they differ from the expectations of undergraduate writing).
  • 10/15 Effective Paraphrasing: This workshop will define paraphrasing in its many forms and review exercises that illustrate effective ways of processing information and reproducing it to advance your argument and avoid patch and idea plagiarism.
  • 11/19 Navigating Roadblocks in Writing Assignments: This workshop will discuss and work through the various roadblocks you may face when working on your writing assignments and provide tips for how to navigate them.

All workshops take place in the Faculty Lounge in Armitage Hall from 5:00-5:45pm.  Please register if you plan to attend. 

Contact and Office Hours

Fall 2018 Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 11am-4pm

To make an appointment, please visit

Initial appointments must be in person with Breanna (telephone alternative). All appointments require 48 hours notice. 

Graduate Writing Assistant: Breanna Ransome,