Graduate Student Writing Assistance

Graduate Student
Writing Assistance

The Graduate Writing Assistant (GWA) is a phenomenal resource offered to graduate students. The goal of the GWA is to assist students with academic writing needs that include their theses, capstone projects, dissertations, and general research papers or portfolios. Academic writing can appear intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.


Writing assistance encompasses a range of services, including support in conceptualizing thoughts, guidance on various citation styles (emphasizing the importance of avoiding plagiarism), fostering proficiency in paraphrasing, providing techniques for efficient revisions, encouragement to develop and maintain a writing flow, and connecting students with additional resources to meet their writing needs. Periodically, we offer group workshops to address specific challenges. Smaller group workshops help demystify the writing process and enhance paraphrasing skills, while slightly larger group workshops focus on research ideologies and techniques with experts in various fields, as well as collaborative brainstorming and feedback among graduate peers. Additional topical workshops will also be offered as needed and suggested.

Overall, the writing assistance provided is an interdisciplinary service that covers all graduate programs offered in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers–Camden. The Graduate Writing Assistant is available by appointment for Rutgers University–Camden graduate students during the academic year. 

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Gaylene Gordon, Graduate Writing Assistant
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Please note: Our appointment schedule runs from September to June, with no availability during July and August. All appointments must be scheduled through Raptor Connect and require a 24-hour notice in advance.