Student Activity

Graduate Student Activity
Extends Beyond the Classroom

At Rutgers-Camden, we are committed to nurturing the holistic student experience and actively encourage you to seize the opportunities that our campus, the city of Camden, and the surrounding region have to offer. Whether you’re pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree, engagement in extracurricular activities, organizations, and the local community enriches your academic journey.


Student Organizations Welcome Graduate Students with Open Arms

At Rutgers-Camden, a campus home to over 100 student organizations, the quality of your campus experience depends on your active participation and engagement!

Graduate students are actively involved in departmental organizations like Childhood Studies and History. They actively participate in the Graduate Student Organization, the Graduate Student Advisory Council, and the Student Governing Association.

Student organizations serve as catalysts for fostering the exchange of a diverse range of ideas, spanning social, cultural, and intellectual realms. These experiences will enhance and shape your perspective on student life, ultimately contributing to the cultivation of enlightened future leaders and globally engaged citizens.

Countless Events to Attend

Whether your classes are scheduled for midday or evening, you can make time for events in between your lab work or teaching a 101 class. The Camden campus hums with constant student-driven activities, ranging from weekday tutoring sessions to weekend jam sessions, and the majority of these events are open to all students.

You can easily locate events through our website, as well as campus events on Engage, which serves as our central platform for campus involvement. On Engage, you have the chance to explore a wide variety of organizations, connect with them, stay informed about upcoming events, and monitor your level of engagement.

For those looking to venture off-campus, the Campus Center provides discounted VIP concert tickets for nearly all shows at the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion. These tickets offer either indoor or lawn seating, along with VIP parking. You can catch popular acts like 50 Cent, Dave Matthews Band, Shania Twain, Fall Out Boy, and many more. The Campus Center also offers limited VIP tickets for shows at The Fillmore and The Met.