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Our goal with the Recording Rutgers Podcast is to share what sets Rutgers Graduate School-Camden apart: our people. We are going to promote the engaging stories that reveal the heart of our campus, the lively community that animates it, the groundbreaking research that shapes our future, the diverse range of everyday experiences, inspiring alumni tales, and the strategies for overcoming challenges. Guiding these conversations is our host, Ojobo Agbo Eje, a first-year Data Science student from Nigeria. We warmly invite you to join us on this enlightening journey through Rutgers University-Camden.


April 23, 2024

Ep 31. Mind, Body, and Academia: Cultivating Graduate Student Wellness

In this episode, we explore the vital intersection of graduate student life and wellness, featuring Dr. Stacy Haynes, a clinical and health educator with extensive experience in treating behavioral and emotional disturbances. Joining her is Joseph Abbas, a Prevention Science PhD student at Rutgers-Camden University, dedicated to advancing preventive healthcare and community-based interventions.

Together, Dr. Haynes and Joseph navigate the challenges and opportunities faced by graduate students, defining wellness in the context of academic success. They discuss initiatives like Wellness Wednesdays and health awareness campaigns, providing actionable steps for students to engage with wellness resources and thrive both personally and academically within the Rutgers-Camden community.

April 9, 2024

Ep 29. Cap and Gown Ready: Preparing for the Graduate School-Camden Graduation

In this episode, we sit down with Assistant Dean Chris Kubik Cedeño to explore the details of the ⁠Graduate School-Camden’s commencement⁠ scheduled for May 14 at 2:00 PM. He shares vital information on arrival times and venue insights, along with practical advice to ensure graduates and their guests are fully prepared for this significant event. Tailored for those planning to attend, this conversation acts as an insightful guide, combining useful tips with a deep understanding of the ceremony’s significance. It’s especially useful for anyone connected to the Rutgers Graduate School Camden’s community.

March 26, 2024

Ep 27. Innovating Language Education: MAT-Spanish Program

The Rutgers-Camden ⁠Teaching Spanish-MAT program⁠⁠ addresses the growing need for language educators, influenced by New Jersey’s changing demographics and educational policies. It is designed for both native and non-native speakers, allowing students to understand U.S. teaching methodologies and expectations, while also serving English speakers aiming to improve their Spanish proficiency.

In this episode, Dr. Próspero García, the Graduate Program Director, discusses the program’s structured curriculum and three unique educational tracks for aspiring Spanish educators. He highlights how the program extends beyond mere language instruction by providing comprehensive training in pedagogy, cultural insights, and linguistic competence, thereby distinguishing it from other regional offerings.

March 5, 2024

Ep 25. Inside The Graduate Research Symposium

In this episode, we explore the Graduate Research and Creative Works Symposium, organized by the Graduate School-Camden for Research Week. Scheduled for April 16th, this annual event provides a stage for students to showcase their innovative research and artistic endeavors. Attendees can look forward to comprehensive discussions, poster presentations, and networking opportunities with peers and professionals. Assistant Dean Chris Kubik Cedeno joins us to explain the application process and event benefits. In this episode, he shares important tips to ensure a great experience for all symposium participants.

February 20, 2024

Ep 23. One House, Many Homes: Uncovering the Story of Our Graduate School House

In fall 2023, Dr. Charlene Mires, Director Emeritus of the ⁠Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities (MARCH)⁠, together with four ⁠History M.A.⁠ students, crafted a perpetual exhibition at the ⁠Graduate School House⁠. This exhibition not only showcases their research but also highlights the transformation of the Graduate School office into a hub of academic and creative vigor.

In this episode, Victoria Scannella, Sebastian LaVergne, and Gina Torres, key contributors to this project, share insights into the building’s rich history. The trio guides listeners through the decades, sharing anecdotes about the intriguing individuals who have lived in the Graduate School House. From the peculiar choice of a pink bathroom to the stories of PhDs and MDs who have resided within its walls, they provide a narrative that captures the essence of this unique space. Through their stories, the Graduate School House emerges as more than just a building; it’s a place of legacy and learning, continuously shaping and being shaped by those who find a home within its walls.

February 6, 2024

Ep 21. Navigating the Test Prep Journey: Expert Tips for GRE and TOEFL

Preparing for and taking the ⁠GRE⁠ and ⁠TOEFL⁠ can feel overwhelming, but our latest podcast aims to make it more manageable. We’re bringing in Marybeth L. Menschner and Jose Ochoa from ETS to offer their expert tips, going beyond typical advice.

In this episode, we discuss the support and resources ETS provides for GRE and TOEFL prep. We also dive into practical strategies for scoring high and making your grad school application stand out. Join us to gain valuable insights and approach your test preparation with confidence.

January 26, 2024

Ep 19. Professional Development Week Episode: Surviving and Thriving in Graduate School 

Graduate education is a journey marked by enrichment and intellectual growth. However, this path is not without its challenges, often strewn with pitfalls such as loneliness, imposter syndrome, and fatigue. But remember, you’re not alone. Dive into the inspiring stories, practical strategies, and the collective wisdom of students and alums who have journeyed through these very paths and emerged stronger.

In this special Professional Development Week episode, Assistant Dean Chris Kubik Cedeño of the Graduate School team sits down with a diverse group of individuals: Jahmal Ennis doctoral student in the Computational and Integrative Biology Program, Polina Poliakova, an alumna of the Psychological Sciences Program, Brian Everett, Assistant Dean in Rutgers-Camden’s Honors College, alum of the Public Administration Program and current Public Affairs doctoral student, and Dr. Jazmyne McNeese, an alumna of the Public Affairs Program.

These individuals open up about their unique journeys, offering a wealth of insights into the challenges and victories they’ve faced while navigating graduate school. They touch on crucial topics ranging from time management and engagement in school events to collaboration in faculty-led research, mental health awareness, and striking a balance between academic pursuits and work life.

January 24, 2024

Ep17. Professional Development Week Episode: Nurturing Well-Being at the Student Wellness Center

The commitment to the health and wellness of our students is vitally important to the Graduate School, our campus, and the entire Rutgers University System. The ⁠Student Wellness Center⁠ exemplifies this commitment, offering support for the mental and physical well-being of our students.

Joining us in this Professional Development Week episode is Dr. Daniel Lee, Director of the Student Wellness Center. With his deep commitment to student health, Dr. Lee discusses the center’s targeted resources and services for graduate students, outlines accessible wellness programs, and highlights initiatives fostering a health-focused campus culture.

January 16, 2024

Ep 15. Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs: Real-World Applications of Policy Research

The ⁠Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs⁠ focuses on tackling essential social and community issues in Southern New Jersey. Renowned for its role in influencing policy through thorough research and data analysis, the institute makes substantial contributions in vital areas such as health and transportation.

In this episode, Kristin Curtis, the Associate Director of Research at the Institute, shares insights into the institute’s mission, highlights its various initiatives, and discusses how it collaborates with the school community to effect meaningful change.

December 19, 2023

Ep 13. Holiday Season: A Festive Peek into the Graduate School Office

Reflecting on the lectures, tests, events, and projects that have made the semester memorable, as we round off this Fall semester, one can only look forward to the holiday season ahead.

In this episode with some team members from the ⁠Graduate School House⁠, we explore their favorite holiday traditions, reflect on the year’s achievements, and unveil exciting plans for the upcoming one. From recommendations of places to visit within the Greater Philadelphia region to heartwarming traditions to experience, the guests share their personal experiences and offer valuable advice for members of the ⁠Rutgers-Camden community⁠ navigating this joyful time.

The Graduate School team, consisting of Associate Dean Michelle Meloy, Assistant Dean Danielle Askew, Senior Program Coordinator Sarah Johnson, and a Graduate Assistant, Kyra Miller, also discuss how the Graduate School House fosters togetherness and celebrates during this special season as a family.

December 5, 2023

Ep 11. Exploring Rutgers-Camden’s Student Support Services

In this episode of our podcast, we’re joined by Mary Beth Daisey, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at Rutgers–Camden. Holding this position since 2003, Mary Beth provides valuable insights into the support systems the campus offers to graduate students. Her responsibilities encompass a broad range of student services, from residence life and the career center to student wellness, campus involvement, athletics, and more. She also focuses on special programs for international students, veterans, and Title IX initiatives. By collaborating with various offices, Mary Beth’s team creates innovative learning opportunities, programs, and services. These initiatives are designed to foster academic success, health and wellness, and career development, equipping students to lead, serve, and actively participate in a global society.

November 21, 2023

Ep 9. Clean Streets to Holiday Treats: CSSD’s Role in Community and Business Growth

For the Graduate School, Camden is more than a place; it’s a source of our pride. Learn more about the community in a discussion with Nathaniel Echeveria, the Executive Director, and Michelle Williams, the Community Outreach Manager, of the Camden Special Services District (CSSD). Since 2005, CSSD has been a key provider of ‘Clean and Safe’ services in Camden. Their services now include landscaping, event services, and leadership of the Camden Business Improvement District. With the holiday season now here, CSSD also plays a pivotal role in the festive downtown lighting and decorations, adding a distinct charm to Camden. This episode will cover a range of topics, including CSSD’s support for local businesses, their dedication to community improvement, and their efforts to connect the university with the local community.

November 07, 2023

Ep 7. From Application to Transformation: The Alumni and Students of the Creative Writing M.F.A.

Every year, hundreds of writers from around the world submit their applications to the ⁠Creative Writing M.F.A.⁠ program at Rutgers-Camden. This episode gives us a peek into the program, discussing ⁠admission criteria⁠, teaching methods, and the encouragement of interdisciplinary exploration.

We hear success stories and learn about the program’s unique educational journey. Sienna Zeilinger, an alumna and current Program Coordinator, and Amber Joseph, a current second-year student, join us to share how the M.F.A. program has profoundly influenced artists and writers, shaping their creative processes and fostering collaboration.

October 26, 2023

Ep 5. Death Under Glass – The Art and Science of the Unseen 

In this episode, as Halloween nears, we explore the Stedman Gallery‘s installation, “Death Under Glass.” Step into a realm where human cells are vividly brought to life. The exhibition is a collaboration between forensic pathologist Marianne Hamel, MD, PhD, and the accomplished forensic photographer Nikki Johnson, MFA. Since its premiere at Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum in 2014, “Death Under Glass” has toured internationally and will be on display on campus until December 9, 2023.

Guiding us through this episode is Jake Foster, the Gallery and Collection Manager at the Stedman Gallery, who highlights the unique aspects of their exhibit presentation. Additionally, Kimberlee Moran, the Graduate Director of the Forensic Science Program, gives us an insight into an upcoming lecture series tied to the exhibit, showcasing esteemed faculty experts from various departments on campus. Join us for an episode that beautifully marries art, science, and the profound wonders of life.

October 8, 2023

Ep 3. Conversations on Computer Science

In this episode, we sat down with the Computer Science Graduate Program Director, Dr. Sunil Shende. Dr. Shende was joined by two students in the program, Akash Babu Pedapaga and Vivek Modi. Dr. Shende discussed the evolution and growth of the program, while Akash and Vivek offered a glimpse into their day-to-day experiences as international students from India. They talked about their academic workload and provided essential advice for potential graduate students considering the Computer Science program at Rutgers University-Camden.

September 30, 2023

Ep 1. We ‘R’ Ready

In the first episode of the Recording Rutgers podcast, we met our host Ojobo Agbo Eje, who hails from Nigeria and is pursuing a degree in our Data Science program. Ojobo led a conversation with three remarkable guests. They shared their academic journeys, their research interests, and their expectations for the upcoming academic year. Our guests included Kyra Miller, a Forensic Science student from Pennsylvania. Julia Dodd, also a Forensic Science student from New Jersey, is part of the accelerated degree program. Additionally, we were joined by Tristan Stinchcomb, a student from Florida who was admitted to the Psychological Sciences program. Together, they provided valuable insights into the diverse and dynamic academic community here at Rutgers University-Camden.