Faculty Research and Creative Works

Faculty Research & Creative Works

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers–Camden is composed of a diverse group, including Pulitzer Prize winners, respected computer scientists, historians, and biologists. Their wide-ranging interests span social justice, Sartre, seeds, and source code. With expertise in diverse research methodologies, they aim to educate, inspire, and make impactful contributions using their innovative methods.


Faculty Research Projects

Nathan Link, Criminal Justice Graduate Director, with a $1.5M Arnold Ventures grant, seeks to reform Philadelphia’s criminal justice system.

Assistant Professor Julianne Griepenburg’s lab, with a $250k NSF grant, explores laser-gold nanoparticle interactions for precise cellular and molecular reactions.

The Childhood Studies department secured an $800k grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, strengthening global leadership in rethinking race and justice through childhood studies.

In the Media

Rutgers–Camden faculty are prominently featured in various news outlets on a regular basis. They contribute to global, national, regional, and state media by providing expert commentary and receiving media coverage for their research and accomplishments. Our faculty members are recognized as authors of articles and op-eds, as well as respected authorities in their respective areas of research.

May 2024

Spotigy | 5/15
Campaign Throwback: ‘Soccer Moms’
Featured: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

CNBC | 5/11
It’s Hard to Resist the Pull of the ‘Good Old Days,’ Nostalgia Researcher Says—Here’s Why
Mentioned: Andrew Abeyta, FASC

April 2024

NJ Spotlight | 4/15

Biden, International Leaders Urge Netanyahu Not to Retaliate Against Iran
Interviewed: Michael Boyle, FASC

NBC NY | 4/8
Meet the Women Who Pioneered the Development of IVF
Quoted: Maragaret Marsh, FASC

The Hill | 4/7
Here’s Where Women Voters Stand in the Biden-Trump Rematch
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

January 2024

NJ PBS | 1/31
Remembering Walt Whitman and Allen Ginsberg
Interviewed: Tyler Hoffman, FASC

CNN | 1/28
Already Broke Your New Year’s Diet Resolution? You May Be Better Off
Quoted: Charlotte Markey, FASC

The Houston Chronicle | 1/16
Do Crime Rates Drop With the Cold? One Study Says It’s True.
Quoted: Chris Thomas, FASC

ABC News | 1/10
College-Educated Voters Aren’t Saving Nikki Haley — Yet
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

WHYY | 1/3
As New Jersey Lawmakers Kick Off 2024, Advocates Are Looking for Some Economic Reliefs
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

December 2023

Yahoo Health | 12/19
Why “Food Is Fuel” Is Failing Us
Quoted: Charlotte Markey, FASC

NJ Spotlight | 12/18
Rutgers Professor: Israeli Prime Minister Is a ‘Great Political Survivor’
Interviewed: Michael Boyle, FASC

NJ Spotlight | 12/15
Six Murphy Nominees Await Confirmation to State Board of Ed
Mentioned: James Williams, FASC

Vox | 12/14
We’re all addicted to cheap stuff — and Temu knows it
Quoted: Wendy Woloson, FASC

USA Today | 12/5
Sharon Osbourne Lost Too Much Weight on Ozempic. Why That’s Challenging and Uncommon
Quoted: Charlotte Markey, FASC

November 2023

NJ Spotlight News | 11/28
Rutgers professor: Ceasefire holds as hostages and detainees swapped
Interviewed: Michael Boyle, FASC

NJ Monthly | 11/28
NJ Author Lauren Grodstein’s Holocaust Novel Was Inspired by Her Trip to Warsaw
Interviewed: Lauren Grodstein, FASC

Today | 11/27
Jenna’s December 2023 book pick is a ‘moving’ historical novel
Mentioned: Lauren Grodstein, FASC

The Star-Ledger | 11/16
The Oral History of Wawa
Quoted: Wendy Woloson, FASC

6ABC: | 11/15
NJ First Lady Tammy Murphy Announces Run for Bob Menendez’s Senate Seat
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

CBS3 | 11/15
New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy Launches Bid for U.S. Senate Seat
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

USA Today | 11/15
A Secret Weapon in the Fight for Abortion Rights? Fed-up Republican Women
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

NBC10 | 11/12
An Historic Victory
Interviewed: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

NJ Spotlight | 11/3
NJ Elections: Close Race in 4th District to Replace Longtime Democratic Senator?
Quoted: Shauna Lani Shames, FASC

NBC10 | 11/2
Working Families Party Gets Boost, Voters to Decide Who Takes At-Large City Council Seats
Interviewed: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

October 2023

Bloomberg Government | 10/26
GOP Women Skipped Speaker’s Race as Male Colleagues Jumped In
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

NJ Spotlight News | 10/24
Ground invasion of Gaza by Israel Would Entail ‘A Lot of Risks’
Quoted: Michael Boyle, FASC

Axios | 10/23
More Evidence Indianapolis Gun Deaths Are Falling
Quoted: Daniel Semenza, FASC

NJ Spotlight | 10/17
US Tries to Head Off Wider Conflict in Middle East
Quoted: Michael Boyle, FASC

Axios | 10/16
America’s highest gun death rates are in the South
Quoted: Daniel Semenza, FASC

The Press of Atlantic City | 10/15
Goodbye to more DVDs? Best Buy plans to phase out sales of physical movies in the coming months
Quoted: Tyler Hoffman, FASC

NJ Spotlight News | 10/11
Rep. Steve Scalise Nominated for House Speaker as Israel-Palestine Crisis Unfolds
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

Star-Ledger | 10/9
Where Guns Permits Rise, So Does the Body Count: A Q&A with Dr. Daniel Semenza of Rutgers
Interviewed: Daniel Semenza, FASC

September 2023

The Washington Post | 9/28
Nikki Haley Skewers Opponents in Second GOP Primary Debates
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

The Washington Post | 9/19
Nikki Haley Wants to Make the Presidential Race About Kamala Harris
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

August 2023

WHYY | August 30
New Jersey’s ANCHOR Program Acknowledges High Cost of Living, But Is Not a ‘Game Changer’
Quoted: Michael Hayes, FASC

New York Times | August 29
The Dangerous Marketing of the Trump Mug Shot
Quoted: Wendy A. Woloson, FASC

The Hill | August 27
Haley Performance Leaves Some in GOP Seeing Path to Winning Women
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

USA Today | August 21
Whitney Port, ‘Barbie’ And The Truth About ‘Too Thin’
Quoted: Charlotte Markey, FASC

New Jersey Business Magazine | August 16
R&D Council of NJ to Honor Top Inventors at 44th Annual Edison Patent Awards
Mentioned: Catherine Grgicak, FASC

Gothamist | August 10
Rutgers University study correlates concealed carry licenses with gun violence
Quoted: Dan Semenza, FASC

Forbes | August 1
How We Measure Women’s Representation Matters
Author: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

July 2023

The Forum on KQED | July 27
How Has the Birth Control Pill Changed Your Life?
Interviewed: Margaret Marsh, FASC

May 2023

PBS’ Think Tank | May 27
Who is Disproportionately Impacted by Gun Violence?
Interviewed: Daniel Semenza, FASC

wbur | May 24
The Unexpected Story of How the Birth Control Pill Was Invented and Tested
Quoted: Margaret Marsh, FASC

Forbes | May 23
Black Women Are Serious Contenders In Open-Seat Senate Contests
Interviewed: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

The Washington Post | May 12
Is It Discrimination If You Can’t Bring Your KIds to a Restaurant?
Quoted: John Wall, FASC

April 2023

Architectural Digest | April 21
Why Does Gen Z Love Hauling Stuff?
Quoted: Wendy Woloson, FASC

Vox | April 20
The Case Against “Stand Your Ground” Laws
Quoted: Daniel Semanza, FASC

Washington Examiner | April 11
Ukraine Leaks Give Biden Big Headaches At a Bad Time
Quoted: Wojtek Wolfe, FASC

Vox | April 6
The Stubborn Sexism of American Politics
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

PHL 17 | April 2
Politics In Focus
Interviewed: Harry Rhea, FASC

CBS | April 2
Face the Nation
Interviewed: Dan Semenza, FASC

March 2023

CBS Philadelphia | March 30
Political, Legal Experts Discuss Indictment of Former President Donald Trump
Quoted: Shauna Shames, FASC

ABC Philadelphia | March 30
Legal, Political Experts Near Philadelphia Weigh in on Former President Donald Trump’s
Quoted: Beth Rabinowitz, FASC

The Philadelphia Inquirer | March 27
Bristol Plant That Spilled Chemicals Into Philly’s Water Supply Had Other Mishaps Over the Last Decade
Quoted: David Salas-de la Cruz, FASC

KYW Newsradio | March 27
If Chemical Spill Gets Into Water Supply, We Won’t Be Able to Boil Our Way Out of It, Says Rutgers-Camden Chemist
Quoted: David Salas-De la Cruz, FASC

Vox | March 27
There Are Valid Critiques of Kamala Harris. They Also Don’t Tell the Full Story
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

The New York Times | March 24
Our Second Date Was Statistically Abnormal
Author: Sarah Allred, FASC

Forbes | March 21
Democrats Lead Republicans In Gender Parity, New Research Shows
Author: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

The New York Times | March 8
More Black Women Run for Office, but Prospects Fade the Higher They Go
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

South Jersey Biz
The Year Ahead: With the possibility of a recession on everyone’s minds, local financial experts and business owners look to economic and industry indicators as they venture their forecasts for 2023 in South Jersey and beyond – Read more
Quoted: Robert Vaden, FASC

FOX 26 | March 2
Do State Takeovers of School Districts Work?
Interviewed: Michael Hayes, FASC

February 2023

ROI-NJ | February 23
Rutgers Office for Research signs license to market DNA analysis technology
Mentioned: Catherine Grgicak, FASC and Desmond Lun, FASC

The New York Times | February 22
Service Members Told to Avoid Poppy Seeds Because of Drug Test Effects
Quoted: Michelle Carlin, FASC

New Jersey Business Magazine | February 21
Rutgers Signs Exclusive License to Market Innovative DNA Analysis Technology
Quoted: Catherine Grgicak, FASC and Desmond Lun, FASC

The New York Times | February 19
Haley Walks Treacherous Road for G.O.P. Women
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

News 12 | February 17
Power & Politics
Interviewed: Dr. Wojtek Wolfe, FASC

A Washington Post | February 16
Haley’s Candidacy Shows Balancing Act for Women in Politics
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

Forbes | February 14
Nikki Haley’s Response To Trump’s Tough-Guy Tactics Will Shape Role Of Gender In 2024
Author: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

Forbes | February 1
More Women Are Winning U.S. Elections. It’s Not The Only Way To Build Political Power
Contributor: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

January 2023

KYW | January 30
The Calculator Was Contested When It Was Introduced. ChatGPT Could Be a Beneficial Tool Too
Quoted: Jim Brown, FASC

Bloomberg | January 26
Rutgers Uni’s Dittmar on Women in Politics
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

Business Insider Africa | January 24
There Have Already Been at Least 39 Mass Shootings in America So Far in 2023. Here’s The Full List.
Quoted: Daniel Semenza, FASC

Vox | January 10
The paradox at the heart of the most diverse Congress ever
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

Channel 5 Belize | January 12
Open Your Eyes Morning Show
Quoted: Kimberlee Moran, FASC

Bloomberg | January 19
Ardern Is Latest High Achieving Woman to Say She’s Quitting Due to Burnout
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

The New York Times | January 9
6-Year-Old Brought Gun From Home in Newport News School Shooting, Police Say
Quoted: Dan Semenza, FASC

NJ Spotlight News | January 5
GOP Lead House Fails to Elect a Speaker on Third Day of Turmoil
Quoted: Kelly Dittmar, FASC

CTV News | January 2
Death from above: How Drone Warfare is Shaping the Battlefield in Ukraine
Interviewed: Michael Boyle, FASC

Recent Books by Faculty

The faculty of our graduate program has contributed significantly to the field through their published works. Their extensive range of books covers various subjects and provides valuable insights to students and scholars alike. Here is a small sample of the diverse and impactful publications authored by Rutgers-Camden faculty members, showcasing their expertise and commitment to advancing knowledge in their fields.

We Must Not Think of Ourselves

By Lauren Grodstein, Professor and Graduate Director of Creative Writing

Lauren Grodstein, director of the MFA program, is a celebrated author known for her highly regarded works, including “Our Short History” and “The Explanation for Everything.” Her writing has been featured in prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Elle, and The Washington Post, and translated into multiple languages. Grodstein’s upcoming novel, “We Must Not Think of Ourselves,” set in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II, tells a powerful story of love and defiance inspired by the real-life efforts to preserve the truth of that era.

“We Must Not Think of Ourselves” follows Adam Paskow, a prisoner in the Warsaw Ghetto, who joins a secret group of archivists working to preserve the stories of those trapped inside. Amidst their confinement, Adam falls in love with Sala Wiskoff, his flatmate. As they navigate their relationship, they face unimaginable choices and the looming possibility of escape. Inspired by the Oneg Shabbat project, Lauren Grodstein’s novel offers a poignant exploration of endurance and sacrifice in a time of darkness.

Community Benefits: Developers, Negotiations, and Accountability

By Jovanna Rosen, Assistant Professor of Public Affairs and Public Administration

Jovanna P. Rosen is an Assistant Professor of Public Policy at Rutgers-University Camden, specializing in community development, environmental justice, and urban inequality. Her research focuses on understanding urban inequality drivers and strategies for equitable and sustainable cities. Rosen investigates the impacts of inequality on low-income residents and explores policies for inclusive urban environments.

In her book, “Community Benefits,” Rosen examines leveraging development projects for local benefits, addressing limited benefits and negative impacts. Through case studies in cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, and Milwaukee, she explores beneficiaries, benefit delivery, and accountability. Rosen highlights the importance of effective negotiation, community participation, partnerships, and oversight for equitable urban development. “Community Benefits” offers insights and recommendations for positive community outcomes.

The Persian Mirror: Reflections of the Safavid Empire in Early Modern France

By Susan Mokhberi, Assistant Professor of History

Susan Mokhberi, an Assistant Professor of History at Rutgers-Camden University, specializes in early modern European diplomatic and cultural history, with a focus on East-West encounters. She received the prestigious Iran World Book Award in 2022. Holding a Ph.D. in early modern European history from UCLA, Susan offers captivating courses on the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Louis XIV’s France, and Europe’s connections to the wider world. Through her research and teaching, she contributes significantly to our understanding of historical dynamics and intercultural interactions.

Winner of the Iran World Book Award in 2022, Susan Mokhberi’s “The Persian Mirror: France’s Preoccupation with Persia in the Seventeenth Century” explores France’s fascination with Persia during that era. This remarkable work uncovers the profound interest of French intellectuals, diplomats, and ordinary Parisians in Persia, challenging prevailing notions of orientalism and the exotic. By analyzing travel accounts, fairy tales, and the visit of the Persian ambassador to Paris and Versailles in 1715, Mokhberi provides a fresh perspective on early modern Europeans’ complex responses to Asia, shedding light on historical dynamics and intercultural interactions.