Tour Campus

Tour Campus

Explore the heart of our campus, from the Gateway to the Campus Quad, and journey through landmarks like the Joint Health Science Building to the Athletic and Fitness Center. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Rutgers University-Camden community as our brightest minds share their insights and warmly welcome you.


Let Us Show You Around

We’re happy to set up a personalized tour of the Rutgers-Camden campus. You can bring your family and friends along if you’d like. Just let us know which programs interest you and whether you’d like to see the student housing. We’re excited to show you what makes us Rutgers Smart and Camden Proud!

Discover Rutgers-Camden through Social Media

Check out these fantastic videos from Graduate School Organization Secretary Jazmin Brown, a current Data Science MS student. Explore various campus locations and enjoy stories from our campus communications team. Follow along on social media to see what makes our community special.

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