Research and Creative Works

Research & Creative Works

At Rutgers-Camden our dedicated faculty and graduate students form a dynamic partnership that fuels an environment of intellectual curiosity and innovation. As an R2 research institution, our investments have paved the way for award-winning literature and scientific breakthroughs that make a significant impact. Join us as we explore the rich tapestry of research and creative works emanating from the Graduate School, where innovation knows no bounds.


Research Office

Rutgers–Camden’s Research Office is a dedicated hub for nurturing research endeavors in all their diverse expressions across the campus. It provides valuable support to graduate students, faculty, and staff, aiding them in the discovery of fitting funding sources and collaborative prospects to propel their work forward. Additionally, the Research Office actively hosts a range of events designed to cultivate and spotlight the ongoing research and creative ventures of the campus community.


Research Spotlights

Charlotte Markey, Health Sciences Chair and Psychology and Prevention Science Professor on talking to kids about vaping.

Our M.F.A. students, such as Davon Loeb, create award-winning literature like ‘The In-Betweens,’ published by West Virginia University Press in February 2023.

Teaching Spanish (M.A.T) associate professor Silvia Perez-Cortes, a linguistic researcher, aims to unravel the mysteries of language acquisition in her research.

Margaret Marsh, a reproductive health historian in our history program, delves into the enduring impact of the complex history of birth control pills.

Centers, Institutes & Libraries

At Rutgers-Camden, a diverse array of academic institutes, centers, and libraries collectively enrich learning and personal growth. These institutions provide valuable opportunities across various fields, including arts, humanities, social sciences, public policy, law, and science. Additionally, the community benefits from access to Rutgers’ extensive network of 26 libraries and centers, which span across the Camden, New Brunswick, and Newark campuses, as well as RU-Online, a digital library.