On-Campus Jobs

On-Campus Jobs

Rutgers University-Camden offers a range of on-campus employment opportunities. These include assistantships, which provide full tuition and fee remission, a generous stipend, and health benefits in select programs. Additionally, students can work part-time and earn money to cover their educational expenses.


Teaching & Graduate Assistantships

The Graduate School-Camden offers Teaching and Graduate Assistantships to full-time applicants in select programs, providing students with prestigious and highly competitive opportunities.

Teaching Assistantships (TAs) may involve teaching undergraduate courses or providing grading support. Graduate Assistantships, on the other hand, support faculty and staff in research or administrative tasks. These assistantships come with a comprehensive set of benefits, including full tuition and fee remission, a generous stipend, and health benefits. Students interested in any of these positions should apply early.

Programs and divisions offering these assistantships at Rutgers University-Camden include:

Additional teaching opportunities may be available in select programs. For more information, please visit the program pages and speak with the Graduate Program Director to explore the specific offerings.

Part-Time Employment

Part-time employment opportunities are available for Graduate Students across various campus offices and departments. Students have the opportunity to work for Housing and Residence Life, the Paul Robeson Library, the Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs, and other offices throughout the campus. These positions provide valuable work experience and contribute to the vibrant campus community.

Additionally, there are occasional part-time lecturer positions in departments across campus. These positions offer valuable work experience and an opportunity to build skills in the academic environment.

Please note: These positions are not specifically designated for graduate students and are not included in funding or admission packages.

Furthermore, Rutgers University-Camden actively participates in the Federal Work-Study program, which assists eligible students in obtaining part-time employment opportunities. Work-study positions encompass a wide range of roles, including administrative tasks in academic departments, library assistance, student services support, and responsibilities related to campus facilities.

Please note: Work-study positions are available only to domestic students who have completed the FAFSA and meet the eligibility criteria.

To explore and find part-time positions on campus, please utilize the links below.


Throughout the year, various offices across campus offer job opportunities specifically for current graduate students. These job listings provide students with a chance to further their professional growth and contribute to the campus community.

Housing and Residence Life Student Worker

Office of Housing and Residence Life – Part-time Position

The Office of Housing and Residence Life employs students in a variety of ways! We are actively recruiting for four different student worker positions in our office at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Positions available:

    Building Manager:

    The BM performs assigned duties of a manual nature that allow the overall mission of the department and the University to continue without interruption to student service and development. The nature of this position requires that the employee be able to work independently to accomplish duties and to maintain standards for safety for the immediate work area and for the entire on campus community.

    Resident Services Coordinator:

    RSCs are the first employee an individual sees when they enter the residence hall building. They are representatives of OHRL and of Rutgers University. The RSC will be responsible for handling an array functions that help to provide security for the residence hall such as checking IDs, screening visitors for building entry, assisting students that are locked out of their room, etc.


    The RA is the most immediate link with residence hall students and must serve as a resource person for students living on the floor and in the hall. RAs are student staff that have received much training in order to live in the community and assist others. Resident Assistants are here to listen to your concerns and enforce University policies by serving in an on call duty rotation. They may also be contacted for general questions, concerns, or problems.

    Graduate Program Coordinator:

    The core part of this position is the supervision of the undergraduate Resident Assistants. You will serve as a mediator between the RAs and the Assistant Director, providing them with support in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities. The GPC will also serve the department by becoming aware of residents who are experiencing inter/intrapersonal challenges, including by not limited to roommate conflicts, academic concerns, home sickness etc. Additionally, the GPC serves in an on-call duty rotation.

Terms of Appointment: Part-time; $15-$16 per hour

For more details or to apply click HERE

MCAT Prep Instructor (Temporary)

The College of Arts & Sciences at Rutgers University – Camden- Temporary Position

We are currently seeking qualified instructors for the course. Our peer-instructor model invites current students, recent graduates and other external applicants who have successfully completed the MCAT and earned a minimum score of 129 in at least one (or more) of the four sections of the exam to lead fellow students through the course. Instructors may apply to teach one or more of the following sections:
• Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems;
• Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems;
• Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior; and
• Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills.

    We anticipate having 15-20 students enrolled in the course which will begin asynchronously over winter break (Dec 26-Jan 12), with live instruction beginning with the new semester in January 2024 (dates TBD). The meeting pattern will be determined in consultation with our selected instructors.

Hours per week: 2.5 hours live teaching per section taught each week (plus time for grading)

Terms of Appointment: Temporary (Spring Semester 2024)

If you or someone you know are interested in teaching, please email laura.collins@rutgers.edu a copy of your resume, MCAT exam scores and the best days/times for a brief call.

To schedule a meeting, click HERE

Student Research Assistant - Participate in Community-Engaged Research in Southern New Jersey

Walter Rand Institute – Seasonal/ Temporary Position

The Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs (WRI) is seeking engaged and collaborative graduate students to join WRI as part-time student researchers. This is an exciting opportunity for students to join research teams that are working to make a community impact in Southern New Jersey and learn about community-facing research methods. Students at WRI will be assigned to work on projects with WRI staff, and students at WRI will likely work on a variety of community-engaged research projects. Student research staff are noted in all final research project deliverables and reports. WRI works with internal Rutgers University partners and external community partners (such as nonprofit organizations and local and state agencies) across Southern New Jersey, and projects may cut across a variety of content areas, including workforce development, transportation, the opioid epidemic, education, and population health.

WRI is seeking students who can demonstrate any of the following:

Interested learning about and conducting community-facing/community-engaged research
Strong writing ability
Knowledge of and experience with learning and conducting quantitative data entry and analysis
Knowledge of and experience with either SPSS or Stata or Excel or another statistical software
Knowledge of and experience with learning and conducting qualitative data and analysis
Knowledge and experience with either NVivo or Dedoose or another qualitative software

Hours per week: 5-20 hrs

Terms of Appointment: (12/1/23 – 5/30/25); Estimated salary is $16/hour.

For more information or to apply, refer to the original post on Handshake

Senior Project Administrator (Full-time/Temporary)

Walter Rand Institute – Full time/ Temporary Position

The Senior Project Administrator will be a central contributor and manager of the evaluation of the Clayton Model Pilot Program, which is an agile, trauma-informed social-emotional learning model for at least nine elementary schools across Gloucester County, New Jersey in collaboration with the New Jersey Department of Education. The Senior Project Administrator will make significant methodological and content knowledge contributions to the evaluation of The Clayton Model’s impact on students, schools, and families as well as the assessment of the fidelity of training in and implementation of the Clayton Model.


    This position requires experience developing and leading a research team, preparing and submitting human subjects research compliance documents, facilitating and monitoring data collection activities, writing and disseminating findings for a variety of audiences and supporting the management of the project budget. In this role, the Senior Project Administrator will make significant independent contributions to mixed-methods research design, implementation, and reporting.

    Ideally, the candidate would have knowledge in areas that include education, social-emotional learning, and/or evaluation. This position requires advanced leadership and coordination skills and the ability to apply those skills to coordinate content, expertise, and experience of the research team to ensure all deliverables are achieved.

Hours per week: 40 hrs

Terms of Appointment: Temporary Staff Appointment – Salaried 12 Month

For more information or to apply, refer to the original post

Graduate School Ambassador Federal Work Study Position

The Graduate School is currently seeking Federal Work-Study students to join our team in the unique and dynamic role of School Ambassadors. In this position, you will have the opportunity to represent our school while also taking on various administrative and marketing-related responsibilities.

You do not need to be a student in the Graduate School to apply.


Welcome and Assist Visitors: Create a positive and welcoming atmosphere by greeting and assisting visitors to our office.
Event Coordination: Play a pivotal role in coordinating logistics for event planning, including reserving rooms, arranging catering, and ensuring the seamless execution of various events.
Outreach and Engagement: Act as a School Ambassador by providing support for and actively participating in outreach. This may involve direct marketing efforts such as phone calls and mailings, as well as representing the Graduate School at events to engage with prospective students and current students.
Social Media Content Creation: Contribute to our online presence by creating and curating engaging social media content, including podcasts, photoshoots, and webinars. Help promote our Graduate School and connect with our online community.
Administrative Support: Provide comprehensive administrative support, including managing correspondence, handling emails, preparing documents, maintaining records, managing databases, generating reports, and performing related clerical tasks.
Additional Responsibilities: Be adaptable and ready to take on other duties as assigned by the team, contributing to the overall success of our office and school.
In this dynamic dual role as a School Ambassador, you will be a vital part of our team, contributing to a welcoming environment while also actively participating in administrative, marketing, and social media activities. Your diverse skill set will be a valuable asset to our Graduate School community as we work together to achieve our goals.

If you are interested in a federal work study ambassador position working for the Graduate School-Camden please send an email to grad.school@camden.rutgers.edu. In the event that all available federal work study positions for filled, you will be notified. Thank you in advance for your interest.

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