Travel and Research Grants

Travel & Research Grants

The Graduate School Travel and Research Grant aims to bolster students’ academic endeavors. It provides support for individual research projects and facilitates attendance at conferences. This grant plays a role in enhancing students’ funding strategies, enabling them to travel for conferences, present their findings, and procure necessary research supplies.


Applying for the Grant

Applicants interested in this grant should note that it operates on a reimbursement basis. This means that expenses are covered after they have been incurred by the student. Furthermore, recipients of the grant are expected to share their research outcomes at the annual Graduate School Research Symposium, which is held every April.


  1. Synopsis of project
  2. Letter of support from your faculty advisor
  3. Sign off from the graduate program director
  4. Proof of conference acceptance/any formal documentation supporting this funding request

Please follow this link to apply: 2023-2024 Graduate School Travel & Research Grant (DocuSign)

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