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Explore a wide range of grants and fellowships tailored for graduate students, providing financial support and unique opportunities to enhance your degree. Access video resources to develop grantsmanship skills, along with sample applications and guidance to identify suitable opportunities. Simplify the funding application process and maximize your chances of success on your transformative graduate scholarship journey.


Partnership with the Office of Scholar Development and Fellowship Advising

The Office of Scholar Development and Fellowship Advising supports graduate students seeking external funding opportunities to enrich their pursuit of a graduate degree. Its goal is to assist students in learning how to identify and apply for merit-based grants and fellowships to support their graduate studies. The process of applying for funding can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. The office provides resources for navigating external funding, integrating funding applications into graduate careers, creating competitive applications, and developing professional skills. These resources can have a positive impact on graduate scholarship and future careers.

What are Fellowships?

Fellowships are opportunities that provide funding for a wide range of experiences. Whether you are interested in studying abroad, internships, research, social and political activism, teaching, or pursuing graduate studies, there are fellowships available to support your endeavors. These opportunities are merit-based and offer financial support for experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. To find answers to questions such as whether fellowships cover tuition expenses or who should apply, we recommend watching the informative video provided.

All About Fellowships

Competing for Fellowships

Under the guidance of the office director and faculty mentors, students will seek acceptance to nationally recognized fellowship programs that fund graduate training, public service internships, research and study abroad experiences, and professional opportunities. Students interested in applying for external grants and fellowships are encouraged to submit an OSDFA interest form today!


The graduate funding landscape consists of a robust selection of awards, grants, and fellowships that students can apply to throughout their careers. This funding landscape is unique to each individual, specific to factors such as the stage of graduate study, research focus, and academic preparation and background. This video explores some best practices in planning for and navigating the graduate funding landscape.

Charting Your Course

Crafting Competitive Funding Applications

Grant and fellowship proposal writing is its own unique genre. Its goal is to make a compelling case to a funder for why they should support you and your research project. Each competitive award will have its own formulaic framework and culture of proposal writing determined by the funder and the norms within a given discipline. These two videos provide guidance and writing tips for drafting a strong, competitive application.

Part 1

Part 2

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