Graduate School House

Graduate School House

Welcome to the Graduate School House. Located at 211 North 5th, this charming building awaits. Within its walls, you’ll discover a space that extends beyond academia, offering a canvas to cultivate community bonds, engage in focused endeavors, and find solace in moments of respite.


Where the Past Meets the Potential

When it was first erected in the 1850s, the building at 211 North Fifth was home to the family of Thomas Wharton Dyott Jr., a Philadelphia wholesaler of patent medicines. However, over the years, it underwent significant changes. It served as a barbershop, headquarters for a bicycle and Republican Party club, a boarding house, and a doctor’s office on multiple occasions. Today, it stands as a residence again; it is home to the alumni, students, and staff that make up the Graduate School-Camden.

An Invitation to Explore

The Graduate Student House is more than just a building – it holds a wealth of history. We encourage you to become part of its story and contribute your own experiences. Come and be a part of the Graduate Student House, where history and potential intertwine. When you visit the Graduate Student House, you’ll have the chance to:

Join events and meetings that are taking place. You can be part of these engaging activities.

If you’re seeking guidance, insights, or a supportive atmosphere, make us your first stop.

Utilize exclusive student spaces, ideal for focused study, collaboration, or relaxation—supportive environments await you.

We proudly celebrate student and faculty research and creativity, showcasing their work as a source of inspiration.

Print conveniently at the Graduate School: express computer or laptop with campus printing service. Manage via PaperCut.

For team meetings or online job interviews, our versatile spaces offer in-person and online collaboration options.