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Welcome to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, where personal attention matters. Explore advanced degrees in teaching, public administration, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and fine arts.


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Connect with a community of administrators, artists, and scientists specializing in social, field, and laboratory research, hailing from Hyderabad and Haddonfield, Accra and Ardmore.


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The Rutgers-Camden Podcast: Voices of the Community

The Recording Rutgers Podcast is an essential resource for the Rutgers Graduate School-Camden community. Accessible wherever you are, whether you’re working out, washing dishes, commuting from nearby Southern Jersey or the Philly area, or even if you’re a plane ride or passport away, this podcast meets you where you are. Catering to a wide audience, the podcast offers valuable insights for prospective students, current students tackling graduate school challenges, and alumni reflecting on their experiences. More than just a podcast, Recording Rutgers is a community platform that fosters sharing, learning, and growth.

Rutgers-Camden Wins Community Honor

Rutgers–Camden wins the 2024 Richard Guarasci Award for transformation from Campus Compact. Read More

Rutgers–Camden Earns Top Community Award 2024

Rutgers-Camden ranks among 40 U.S. schools earning the 2024 Carnegie Community Engagement Classification. Read More

Attend February’s Campus and Community Events

Celebrate Black History, craft standout resumes, enjoy Mallery Concerts, and engage in diverse, enriching activities on campus. Read More

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Rutgers Graduate School-Camden offers certificates, accelerated degrees, master’s, and doctoral programs to support your academic and professional goals.


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Explore the diverse stories of the Graduate School-Camden community.

Polina Poliakova: An Alumna’s Journey through Research and Mentorship

Learn about Polina Poliakova, an international alumna from Norwich, Great Britain, who chose the Psychological Sciences program at Rutgers–Camden after her undergraduate studies at Rutgers–New Brunswick. Her academic journey is marked by the mentorship of Lauren Daniel and her research in child and family sleep hygiene.

Profiles & Spotlights: People in the Community

Discover stories of students, alumni, faculty, and staff, like Geetanjali Kaza, a current Data Science student from India. Read More

Creative Writing Faculty Featured on Lit Hub

Pulitzer laureate & Creative Writing faculty Gregory Pardlo talks ‘Spectral Evidence’ in Lit Hub, showcasing his artistry and persona. Read More

Alumnus Champions Diversity in Public Service

Executive MPA alum Joe Forte champions diversity and inclusivity, steering NJ public service and community outreach. Read More

Camden Strong.

Situated just outside Philadelphia, proudly in South Jersey, our connection to Camden extends well beyond the confines of our physical campus. We embody the resilience, determination, and tenacity that define both our institution and the city we proudly call home. Like Camden, we are constantly pushing forward, striving for progress. We are not merely an institution located within Camden; instead, we are deeply interwoven into the rich tapestry of its history, culture, and vibrant community.

Camden is Our Strategic Advantage

  • Strategic East Coast Location: Proximity to major cities and abundant opportunities.
  • Safe and Secure Campus: Prioritizing student and staff well-being.
  • Cultural Diversity: Exposure to a diverse and inclusive community.
  • Community Engagement: Active involvement and positive contributions to the local area.