Data Science (M.S.)

Data Science (M.S.)

Welcome to the Rutgers-Camden master’s program in Data Science. Our program offers a cutting-edge curriculum designed to equip students with the skills and expertise needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving field of data science. Whether you are looking to launch your career or advance in your current role, our program provides a solid foundation for success.


Join us at Rutgers-Camden and embark on an exciting journey to shape the future with data science. Prepare for a rewarding career where you can make a difference in diverse industries and be at the forefront of innovation. Discover the limitless possibilities that data science offers and unlock your potential with us.

 Unlock the Power of Data

Gain a strong foundation in data science fundamentals, including data visualization, technical project management, and applied research methodologies. Our interdisciplinary approach brings together faculty expertise from Mathematics/Statistics, Computer Science, and Social Science/Humanities, ensuring a well-rounded education.

Master In-Demand Skills

Gain vital technical competencies for the data-driven world. Master R/R Studio, Python, GIS, SQL, and more, crafting a toolkit for data analysis. Unleash structured and unstructured data with NLP and text analytics. Dive into mathematical and statistical data modeling.

Become a Data Storyteller

Learn the art of effective communication in data science. Develop the ability to assimilate complex information and present it compellingly through writing, oral presentations, and visualizations. Real-world case studies and scenarios will sharpen your skills, ensuring you can convey insights to non-technical audiences using powerful visualization techniques.

Gain Real-World Experience

Take advantage of our industry partnerships, internships, and collaborations with major organizations. Engage with real-world problems and gain practical experience in sectors such as healthcare, education, and social services. Our program connects you with opportunities that align with your interests and provide valuable hands-on learning.

Program Overview



DEGREEMaster of Science (M.S.)
CREDITS30 credits
FORMATFull-time or part-time, on-campus
DURATION4-5 semesters
FUNDINGUniversity, Graduate School, and Departmental Funding Available (Partial Funding Only)

Program in Action

Discover program details, graduation requirements, funding, and scholarships for full-time and part-time study. Explore exciting data science opportunities ahead.

In this episode, Dhairya Chauhan, a first-year international Data Science graduate student from India, shares insights about his academic journey and experiences.

The curriculum covers project management, data analysis, statistics, and technical tools (R Studio, SQL) for diverse roles, preparing graduates for professional success.

Admissions Requirements



TRANSCRIPTS Official transcripts showing a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. 
LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION At least two letters of recommendation, preferably from academic references, should be presented on official letterhead and include the referees’ contact information
PERSONAL STATEMENT Personal statement (maximum two pages) about academic interests and career goals 
STANDARDIZED TEST GRE scores (not required for spring and fall 2024 applicants)

Application Deadlines

Preference is given to those submitted before the deadline for both decisions and funding opportunities. Applications received after the deadlines will be considered based on available space and budgetary constraints.




Reach Out to Us

Let’s begin a conversation about your academic and professional goals. If you have questions regarding the curriculum, faculty, admission criteria, or committee, please feel free to contact the Graduate Program Director. For administrative inquiries concerning the application process, campus tuition, and fees, reach out to the Graduate School. We are dedicated to assisting you from application to graduation day.


Dr. Sunil Shende

Graduate Director
(856) 225-6122


Erick E. Watt-Udogu

Assistant Dean, Graduate School-Camden
(856) 225-6149

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