Student Life

Student Life

Rutgers-Camden offers a vibrant student life combining academic excellence with the Camden and Philadelphia communities. With a strong commitment to your well-being, we provide diverse resources, from academic support to cultural experiences. Engage in our close-knit community, explore the city’s offerings, and thrive both academically and personally.

Graduate School Student Experience


Academic life at Rutgers-Camden thrives on close proximity to professors and colleagues, fostering collaborative learning. Rigorous instruction is personalized to your goals, whether you aspire to publish a novel, lead a state agency, or earn a doctorate. Our community is dedicated to your growth and success, ensuring a fulfilling educational journey.


Student Spotlight

Diana Akumu, a native of Kenya, is making a difference through public service.

Campus, Camden, and the Community

Life as a student at the Rutgers Graduate School-Camden offers a unique and enriching experience. The campus fosters a strong sense of community, with over 100 student organizations and numerous weekly events, ensuring there’s always something exciting to do. From academic and professional clubs to cultural and recreational groups, there’s a wide range of options to cater to every interest, making your time here both academically and personally fulfilling.


Rutgers students are welcomed by the Camden community, actively participating and contributing.

Choose from 100+ student groups, including the Graduate Student Organization, or create your own.

Rutgers prioritizes diversity, ensuring every community member feels valued in university life.

Engage in academics, professionalism, and social life through event participation and involvement.

There’s a lot to cheer about at Rutgers-Camden, from sports to recreational facilities and programs.

As a Rutgers-Camden student, you can view exhibitions, watch plays, and attend concerts.

Access comprehensive health services, including primary care, specialty consultations, and testing.

Rutgers-Camden is monitored by four police and security units, prioritizing public safety.

The Raptor Pantry aids Rutgers-Camden students facing food insecurity, addressing a nationwide issue.

Graduate students enjoy convenient, modern living at 330 Cooper building on campus.

Rutgers-Camden provides diverse meal options catering to various student preferences and diets.

Explore a comprehensive resource hub to navigate your graduate school journey effectively.