Emerging Media (M.A. and M.P.S)

Emerging Media
(M.A. | M.P.S.)

Welcome to Rutgers-Camden’s M.A. and M.P.S. programs in Emerging Media. Here, students develop practical skills in digital media production, gain fluency in multiple software platforms, and explore the cultural impact of digital media. Through a transdisciplinary approach, students engage in areas such as digital storytelling and interaction design, shaping the future of this rapidly evolving field while also addressing ethical considerations and utilizing research methods.


The Rutgers-Camden M.A. and M.P.S. in Emerging Media program provides students with an array of opportunities in the rapidly evolving fields of digital media and entertainment. The demand for professionals skilled in creating captivating narratives, transmitting brand messages, and delivering virtual experiences is on the rise. With advanced training in digital design and production software, individuals can secure employment and excel in their respective fields.

The Emerging Media program integrates research and creative expertise from faculty members across disciplines. Rather than separating research and creative activities, the program emphasizes their fusion, equipping students with a diverse skill set that combines research design and execution with media production. By viewing media production as an integral part of the research process, the program prepares students to tackle real-world challenges.

The curriculum focuses on the practical aspects (“how”) and the ethical considerations (“why”) of digital media production. Students learn not only the technical skills required for polished digital projects but also gain a deep understanding of the ethical impact of digital artifacts on society. The program encourages students to explore diverse disciplinary perspectives, melding insights, and research methods to address design and communication challenges using emerging media.

Rutgers-Camden offers two degrees, a Master of Arts (M.A.) and a Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.):

Master of Arts (M.A.)

The M.A. program is a two-year (36 credits) interdisciplinary program, integrating digital production skills and research methods. It prepares students for both academic and non-academic positions.


The M.P.S. program (30 credits) mirrors the MA program’s first year, emphasizing practical courses. This degree option is for professionals seeking to develop media production skills and build a portfolio, integrating transdisciplinary research and design into their professional work.

Upon program completion, students emerge as adept designers for various digital environments, equipped with a critical vocabulary to appreciate digital media as essential cultural artifacts shaping society. You will master at least four software platforms and build a portfolio that showcases fluency in at least two of these platforms, showcasing your proficiency in media creation.

Program Overview




DEGREEMaster of Arts (M.A.)Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.)
CREDITS36 credits30 Credits
FORMATFull-time or part-time, on-campusFull-time or part-time, on-campus
DURATIONFull-time: 4-5 semestersFull-time: 2 semesters
FUNDINGUniversity and Graduate School Funding Available (Partial funding only.)University and Graduate School Funding Available (Partial funding only.)

Program in Action

In this article, James Brown, Emerging Media Graduate Director, envisions AI enhancing education but warns of potential drawbacks.

In this video, Robert Emmons Jr., Director of Emerging Media, introduces Judy Malloy’s panel on Social Media Narrative, discussing contemporary practice.

Allan Espiritu, Rutgers University’s head of graphic design in Camden, is a renowned Philadelphia-based designer, known for founding GDLOFT.

Admissions Requirements




TRANSCRIPTS Official transcripts showing all coursework from undergraduate and graduate schools, demonstrating completion of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited undergraduate institutionOfficial transcripts showing all coursework from undergraduate and graduate schools, demonstrating completion of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited undergraduate institution
LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION Three letters of recommendationTwo letters of recommendation
RESUME/CURRICULUM VITAEA current resuméA current resumé
PERSONAL STATEMENT A statement regarding the applicant’s personal and professional goals and experienceA statement regarding the applicant’s personal and professional goals and experience

Application Deadlines

Preference is given to those submitted before the deadline for both decisions and funding opportunities. Applications received after the deadlines will be considered based on available space and budgetary constraints.




Reach Out to Us

Let’s begin a conversation about your academic and professional goals. If you have questions regarding the curriculum, faculty, admission criteria, or committee, please feel free to contact the Graduate Program Director. For administrative inquiries concerning the application process, campus, tuition, and fees, reach out to the Graduate School. We are dedicated to assisting you from application to graduation day.


Dr. James Brown, Jr.

Graduate Director
(848) 932-4750

Dr. Claire Stricklin

Graduate Director
(856) 225-6176


Erick E. Watt-Udogu

Assistant Dean, Graduate School-Camden
(856) 225-6149

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