Business and Science (M.B.S)

Business and Science (M.B.S.)

Welcome to the Rutgers-Camden Business and Science (M.B.S.) program, where advanced science-based knowledge meets comprehensive business skills. This program addresses the growing need for candidates who can integrate scientific expertise with business acumen. With a rich history of collaboration and innovation, the M.B.S. program at Rutgers-Camden is at the forefront of bridging the gap between STEM disciplines and corporate positions.


In 2008, a significant gap was identified among STEM-based employers: the lack of candidates proficient in applying advanced science-based knowledge alongside comprehensive business skills. Recognizing this need, faculty members across Rutgers University, including Deborah Silver, Ph.D., and David Finegold, Ph.D., initiated departmental efforts to create a program that would combine multidisciplinary scientific studies with advanced business education. Their collaboration culminated in the establishment of the Master of Business and Science (M.B.S.) degree, part of the broader national movement of professional science master’s programs.

The M.B.S. degree is awarded through the graduate schools on all three campuses: The School of Graduate Studies (New Brunswick), Rutgers Graduate School–Newark, and Rutgers Graduate School–Camden. At Rutgers-Camden, offers concentrations in:

 Actuarial Sciences

The goal of the Actuarial and Statistical Analysis concentration is to educate students about the field of actuarial and statistical analysis—and the financial impact of risk and uncertainty.

 Applied Computing

Tailored towards students interested in becoming a computer programmer or learning about programming but who do not have a background in computing—suitable for professionals who have a scientific background and want to improve their computational skills.   

Industrial Mathematics

This concentration emphasizes mathematical modeling, computational techniques, and statistical reasoning to equip students with the skills to successfully develop mathematical methods for application in engineering, science, and industry.

All of the concentrations share a common set of business courses, hands-on learning, team-based learning in a diverse setting, development of personal and professional skills, career development opportunities, and internship opportunities.

Program Overview



DEGREEMaster of Business and Science (M.B.S.)
Accelerated option available
CREDITS43 credits
FORMATFull-time or part-time, hybrid (online and campus)
DURATION4-6 semesters
FUNDINGUniversity and Graduate School Funding Available (Partial Funding Only)

Program in Action

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Admissions Requirements



TRANSCRIPTS Official transcripts showing a bachelor’s degree with a science/math/engineering major from an accredited university, and a GPA of 3.0 or higher
If your degree is not in science/mathematics, then you need to have taken calculus I, II, and III, and differential equations and/or linear algebra
For the industrial/applied mathematics track basic knowledge of C++ is also required
LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION At least two letters of recommendation, preferably from academic references 
PERSONAL STATEMENT Personal statement (maximum two pages) about academic interests and career goals 

Application Deadlines

Preference is given to those submitted before the deadline for both decisions and funding opportunities. Applications received after the deadlines will be considered based on available space and budgetary constraints.




Reach Out to Us

Let’s begin a conversation about your academic and professional goals. If you have questions regarding the curriculum, faculty, admission criteria, or committee, please feel free to contact the Graduate Program Director. For administrative inquiries concerning the application process, campus, tuition, and fees, reach out to the Graduate School. We are dedicated to assisting you from application to graduation day.


Dr. Deborah Silver

Graduate Director
(848) 445-5117

Dr. Haydee Herrera-Guzman

Camden Representative,
Actuarial Science & Industrial Mathematics
(856) 225-2667

Dr. Sunil Shende

Camden Representative,
Applied Computing
(856) 225-6122


Erick E. Watt-Udogu

Assistant Dean, Graduate School-Camden
(856) 225-6149

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