Childhood Studies Graduate Faculty

Childhood Studies Graduate Program

Meredith A. Bak, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Children’s film, media, visual, and material cultures from the nineteenth century to the present

Sarada Balagopalan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Postcolonial childhoods, the ‘developmental’ nation-state, late capitalism and current transnational efforts around children’s rights play out

Kate Cairns, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dynamics of gender, culture and inequality, with particular focus on the construction of children and youth as the promise of collective futures; rural schooling, maternal foodwork, and urban agriculture

Daniel T. Cook, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor
How children’s market research professionals (e.g., marketers, market researchers, digital developers) and others in the “kids’ space” conceptualize their practices in relation to deployed notions of childhood

Daniel Hart, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor
Personality, moral, and civic development in context

Susan A. Miller, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Children’s patriotism and nationalism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and the ways in which nineteenth-century female reformers and suffragists included younger girls in their political campaigns

Lauren J. Silver, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Youth identities, urban education, gender & education, child welfare, and comparative urban

Lynne Vallone, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor
Children’s literature and culture, the visual and material cultures of childhood and girlhood, and the Victorian Age

John Wall, Ph.D.
Post-structuralist ethical theory as well as philosophies of childhood and children’s rights

Anthony Wright, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Cultures of pediatric biomedicine, youth and digital technologies; youth activism and politics of indigeneity; United States and Mexico

Associate Faculty of the Childhood Studies Department

Bob Atkins, Ph.D., R.N., Program Director, NJ Health Initiative
Effects of urban poverty on child and adolescent health and development

Joseph Barbarese, Professor of English & Creative Writing
Children’s literature, creative writing, poetry, essays

Laurie Bernstein, Associate Professor of History
European women’s history; Adoption law, foster care, and custody battles and dependent children in Soviet Russia

Holly Blackford, Professor of English
Interests: 19th/20th Cent. American Literature, Children’s Literature, Meanings that children create from literature

Cati Coe, Professor of Anthropology
Care across the life course, nationalism, politics of culture, educational anthropology, West Africa

Lauren Grodstein, Professor of English
Creative writing, narrative nonfiction, and English literature

Charlotte N. Markey, Professor of Psychology
Health Psychology, Psychology of Eating-Related Behaviors, Psychology of Adolescence, and Child Development

Naomi Marmorstein, Professor of Psychology
Psychopathology in children and adolescents

Margaret Marsh, University Professor of History
Reproductive Medicine and Technology, Reproductive Sexuality, Women’s and Gender History, the History of Medicine in the United States

Jane A. Siegel, Professor of Criminal Justice
Impact of incarceration on children; family factors in crime and delinquency

Carol J. Singley, Professor of English
American Literature, Children’s Literature, Literary & Cultural Representations of Childhood, Kinship and Adoption

Tetsuji Yamada, Professor of Health Economics
Health economics, health care services, access to health care services, health disparity, health behavior & health education, and cost benefit/effective analysis