Liberal Studies (M.A.)

Liberal Studies (M.A.)

Welcome to Rutgers-Camden’s Masters in Liberal Studies (MALS) program. With a focus on intellectual stimulation and exploration, MALS provides students with the opportunity to work alongside a highly qualified faculty of expert scholars from various disciplines, as well as engage with fellow students from diverse backgrounds.


Rutgers-Camden’s Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies is a dynamic and cross-disciplinary program that offers a diverse range of courses in literature, history, philosophy, religion, and social sciences. Upon completion of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program, graduates have pursued Ph.D. programs and found success in various career paths. The interdisciplinary nature of the program equips graduates with critical thinking skills, research abilities, and a broader perspective highly valued in today’s professional landscape. Whether you aspire to further academic pursuits or to enhance your career prospects, the MALS program at Rutgers-Camden provides a solid foundation for success.

Graduate Liberal Studies may be right for you if you:

Like to read and then discuss the ideas your reading has generated

Have intellectual interests that you wish to explore and cross-fertilize

Wish to acquire knowledge beyond the professional specialty in which you are already an expert

Designed to cater to mature students with a range of work and life experiences, the MALS program attracts individuals from diverse geographical backgrounds within and outside the United States. The MALS program consists of asynchronous online courses, specifically tailored for the program, with small class sizes that encourage in-depth exploration of ideas.

Program Overview



DEGREEMaster of Arts (M.A.)
Accelerated option available
CREDITS31 credits
FORMATFull-time or part-time, all MALS classes are offered online. On-campus graduate courses offered by other programs may be also be taken, upon request. 
DURATIONThe typical MALS student takes two classes per semester and completes the program in 2 to 2.5 years, depending on whether summer classes are taken.
FUNDINGUniversity and Graduate School Funding Available (Partial funding only)

Program in Action

Liberal Studies Graduate Director Stuart Charmé, a Philosophy and Religion professor, contests the “deaths of despair” study, highlighting religion’s nuanced role.

Discover Rutgers University–Camden’s Graduate Program in Liberal Studies in this video, featuring faculty, alumni, and the adaptable MA degree.

Prospective MALS students benefit from reviewing past capstone projects, offering insights into interdisciplinary studies and expected research and writing skills.

Admissions Requirements



TRANSCRIPTS A transcript showing the completion of an undergraduate degree (3.0 GPA preferred)
LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION Two letters of recommendation. These should be from former professors or other people who can comment on your intellectual abilities and academic skills. (Recommended but not required)
PERSONAL STATEMENT A personal statement. Please explain why you are applying to the program, what your intellectual interests are, and what you hope to gain from participating.
WRITING SAMPLE A writing sample. An undergraduate research paper is ideal, or something that shows your ability to do academic writing. (Recommended but not required)
RESUME/CURRICULUM VITAEA CV outlining what you have been doing since graduation from college

Application Deadlines

Preference is given to those submitted before the deadline for both decisions and funding opportunities. Applications received after the deadlines will be considered based on available space and budgetary constraints.




Reach Out to Us

Let’s begin a conversation about your academic and professional goals. If you have questions regarding the curriculum, faculty, admission criteria, or committee, please feel free to contact the Graduate Program Director. For administrative inquiries concerning the application process, campus, tuition, and fees, reach out to the Graduate School. We are dedicated to assisting you from application to graduation day.


Dr. Stuart Charmé

Graduate Director
(856) 225-6237


Erick E. Watt-Udogu

Assistant Dean, Graduate School-Camden
(856) 225-6149

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